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GoInflatables Rental & Safety Agreement
 Dear Friends and Pastors, Please read this entire document for important information. Then sign electronically the “Signed Agreement” and the “Rental Agreement and Credit Card Authorization” and email it to Goinflatables@wordstoworks.com. Please be aware, your rental is not reserved till we received this signed document. After your rental is reserved, there is no cancellation for any reason (see the cancellation section). 
 Thank You for choosing Go Inflatables as your entertainment provider. It is our earnest desire to provide you with a safe, quality, and fun filled event. We have assembled this packet in order to let you know how to stay safe and enjoy your rental. Please take the time to read it over, sign it electronically and email it back to us. 
 Enclosed you will find: Safety Information, Rules of Operation, Delivery Policy, Cleaning Policy, Weather Policy, Power, Trouble Shooting, Terms of Rental, Negligence or Abuse, Water, Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement, Signed Agreement, Rental Agreement and Credit Card Authorization, and Customer Pick-Up Directions 
 Who are Go Inflatables? 
 Go Inflatables is a nonprofit company providing quality service while renting its “Games With a Purpose”. Go Inflatables owner, Words to Works created this company in order to invest in the North Side community. Since it started, Go Inflatables has been providing jobs and revenue for the North Main Street community. 
 More than that, revenues from your rental is used to support an inner city ministry called Words to Works. Nick Phoenix, who is also the Pastor of the North Main Street Baptist Church, created this ministry to work with many urban areas throughout Jacksonville. It provides “FREE” children’s day camps, block parties, and sports camps by mobilizing and training volunteers to meet the needs of our inner city youth. It also helps provides food and clothing for the less fortunate in the area. 
 Your rental also helps provide scholarships to our local community. The scholarship fund will provide opportunities for students with little hope of college funding to receive a higher education. Many of our brightest students lack the support or funds to continue their education and your rental will help them get to college. 
 Go Inflatables partners with local schools, churches, and businesses to serve the community. However, we would like to thank you, our most important Partner. We could not meet the needs of the people of Jacksonville without your help. Thank you for partnering with us and we pray that you will have a wonderful event. 
 God Bless you and yours. 
 We apologize for the length of the policy and forms that follow. Pastor Nick Phoenix does not like sending forms or making people fill stuff out. However, our insurance and lawyers make us give this to you. In general this packet just details how to treat the rental and what to do if unexpected things happen. It will also let you know what you can expect from us and your responsibilities. 
 Be sure to read each page carefully before signing the form! 
 This agreement will detail safety precautions, some FAQ’s, a release of liability, cleaning policy, rules of operation, and power and water policies. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at GoInflatables@wordstoworks.com or call us at (904) 425-5004 or (904) 742-1908. 
 Safety Information 
 Go Inflatables’ first priority is the safety of your children and participants while using our equipment. We want everyone to enjoy themselves safely. We believe that Go Inflatables are an incredible way to entertain your participants. 
 Our bouncers are engineered and certified by registered professional engineers. They are crafted to meet and exceed all standards of the National Fire Protection Association and are lead free. 
 Our bouncers are certified Flame Resistant/Flame Retardant/Non-Flammable by the National Fire Protection Association. 
 Our games entrances are specially designed to avoid children falling out of the bouncer or any other inflatable or game. 
 Our bouncers have soft cushions of air surrounded by safety netting, which provides easy access for adult supervision. 
 All our bouncers and slide rentals have windows so that children are always visible inside the unit. 
 The manufacturers reinforce bottom seems and stress points. 
 Our products are manufactured using the best quality PVC Coated 18. 
 Rules of Operation 
 Do not bounce on the step or near the doorway. Do not bounce closer than four feet from another person. Exit the unit in a sitting position. Keep toddlers, and all participants, from putting netting in their mouth. No one is allowed on the ride while it is being inflated or deflated. Only Go Inflatables staffs are allowed to set up and take down your bouncers and slides unless you have agreed to the terms and conditions of a customer pick up. Plan a spot in a concrete or grassy area away from electric meters, electric lines, pools, and dirt. 
 Take note of the size of the bouncer that you are renting. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for ensuring that the size of your game will fit the dimensions of your desired space. Our staff WILL NOT set up an inflatable in an area that is too small to ensure the safety of the participants and equipment. There must be three feet of clearance on all sides of the bouncer. For example, if you are renting a bouncer that is 15 x 15, then your space needs to be 18 x 18. Also, note the height of the game. There can be no lighting, branches, electrical wire, telephone wire, or any structure that would come within 3-5 feet of the inflatable. Most units are 16-18 feet tall. The various sizes of the bouncers are noted on the Go Inflatables website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 
 Do not use the inflatable on, near, or around clay. Clay will discolor the unit. There can be no clay in the area that may be tracked onto the inflatable. Divide children by ages and give each group their own time to bounce, jump, or slide in the unit. Provide water outside of the inflatable for thirsty participants to avoid dehydration. NO FOOD inside the inflatable. NO DRINKS inside the inflatable. NO GUM inside the inflatable. NO PETS or animals inside the inflatable. NO SILLY STRING. This eats through the lining of the units. Abuse of this rule will result in the renter being responsible for any damage to unit. Damages may vary but estimates are given in the section on Negligence and Abuse. If found you will be charged a fee. 
 All riders must empty pockets, remove shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, and any other hard or sharp objects that can cause injury. 
 Go Inflatables is not responsible for lost articles during rental. No flips, wrestling, running, or pushing. Do not jump on others, pile on others, or wrestle with others. No ramming into the sidewalls. No climbing or hanging on the nets or the outer wall of the unit. No jumping from netting or sides of the unit down slides or onto bouncers. No foreign objects such as body boards or rafts of any kind should be used on the slides. Never use a foreign substance, other than water, to lubricate or clean a slide. These materials are designed to handle water and specific cleaning solutions only. Other substances can harm the fabric of the unit and cause injury to participants or damage the unit. Keep participants away from the blower motors, generators, and any other electrical connection. 
 Every effort has been made to ensure that the rental unit is safe and reliable for our customers. The safe operation of the inflatable unit and adherence to all rules is the sole responsibility of the lessee. 
 REMEMBER: PARTICIPANT’S SAFETY DEPENDS UPON YOU! Your personal supervision is absolutely required. As the renter of the GO INFLATABLES unit, the safety of all the riders is your responsibility. 
 Participants should not engage in a game if they have any of the following: 
 Current or previous injury to the back or neck Chronic knee or other joint conditions Any respiratory conditions, including but not limited to asthma or bronchitis. Any heart related or circulatory conditions. Pregnancy 
 The games do require a certain amount of physical exertion and you must judge for yourself your and ability to participate. 
 GO INFLATABLES prides itself on your rental being set up and functional at the agreed time of arrival. However, due to scheduling, the inflatable may have to be dropped off early or left later. If you agree to securing the unit before or after the paid time then the unit is in your care until our staff picks it up. 
 This means that you agree to all of the rules and regulations stipulated for rental agreement for the entire duration that the rental is responsibility. You will not be charged for this time as it allows our Inflatable Team greater flexibility in serving you. This is an extra service to allow you to enjoy the inflatable for an extended period. We only set up one time—moving or relocating will result in an extra cost. 
 When our staff picks up your rental, it must be clean and in the same condition as when it was left in your care. Please clean the unit carefully before our arrival at the scheduled pickup time. DO NOT USE BLEACH, HOUSEHOLD SOAPS, Etc… Only use water for wet units and a damp cloth for dry units please make sure the unit is free of all dirt and debris. A minimum $75.00 cleaning fee is charged if the unit is dirty or containing food and drink or other damaging substances. A cleaning charge will be guaranteed if silly sting or cotton candy are found on the rental. 
 Due to the nature of the weather here in Jacksonville, Florida several procedures must be noted in relation to your rental. If winds equal or exceed 25 miles per hour evacuate the unit, unplug blowers and bring the blowers inside until it is safe to operate again. If blowers are left in the rain, you will be liable for the blowers if they are ruined or water gets in them. Units should not be operated in the rain. Similarly to the wind procedure, if it begins to rain evacuate the unit, unplug blowers and bring the blowers inside until it is safe to operate again. Cover the unit with a tarp until rain ceases. If there is a 70% or greater chance of rain according to First Coast News and The Weather Chanel, Go Inflatables will call the morning of the delivery to arrange a change of location or rescheduling your rental. No refunds will be given. We say it’s going to rain everyday, just when and how much we don’t know. CANCELLATION: Once you have placed and purchased your order there are no cancellation. All sales are final but we will be more than happy to relocate or reschedule the day of the delivery, due to weather conditions. 
 There will be no refunds given after our employees have departed to deliver games or after the customer agrees to the having the event. 
 Electrical power or gas powered generators are needed to run your inflatable games. If you choose not to use a gas powered generator, you need to make sure your event site can power our blowers. Each game is different in the number of blowers it needs and the amount of power it needs. 
 Each blower must be on a different and separate circuit . Plugging in two or more blowers into one circuit will overload that circuit. You also cannot run a blower on the same line as a computer or laundry room or other high power appliances. 
 To help you make sure you will be able to run your rentals, we will be listing their power needs on our website (www.goinflatables.com) or you can call our office at (904) 425-5004 or (904) 742-1908 to find out the number of blowers that you need. 
 If you have an older house that only has fuses, you may not have enough electrical capacity. Go Inflatables does not know how much power your house is capable of supplying, you are responsible to make sure you have enough power. 
 To be completely sure you will have enough power, you may want to rent one of our gas powered generators. Each generator is capable of running two (2) blowers. If you rent a generator, it will come with a full tank of gas that will last for three to four hours but you are responsible for providing more gas. 
 Our generators are less than three years old so we cannot be responsible for any failures that take place after they are running. If your generator dies, we would be happy to exchange it with another generator. However, you will have to pick up the new generator. 
 If you are having an event at a place that you don’t own or are not familiar with, like a local city park, we highly recommend renting a generator. Most of these sites usually do not have sufficient power. 
 Our blowers require a 110-115 Amp outlet. If your outlet is below this range, you will need to order a generator. The blowers come with a 25 foot cord and, if needed, a 100 foot extension cord. You cannot use more than one (1) 100 foot extension cord as this will break the $460 Blower and you will be responsible for the replacement. 
 Go Inflatables wants to make sure you have fun at your party, so please check your power supply before the day of your party and ask your sales associate if you have any questions. 
 Checklist to circumvent potential problems If the unit begins to deflate, immediately and calmly evacuate all users. Children can be hurt if they exit in a hurry, so your supervision is critical. 
 After all participants have exited the game check to see if the blower motor has stopped. First, make sure the ON/OFF switch has not been turned off. If this is in order and the blower is still not functioning proceed to check the power cord connections. 
 If all connections are secure, check the circuit breaker, switch it back to the ON position if required and refrain from using any other electrical appliances on the same circuit while the motor is in operation. Stronger circuits that can supply the minimum 15 amps a blower pulls, are usually in the kitchen and laundry room. If your rental has more than one blower, you may have to plug each blower into a separate circuit. Many older homes have difficulty running more than one blower at a time. Try to separate the connections so that each blower is on a separate circuit. If problems persist, you will require a generator that can be rented from Go Inflatables. 
 If the blower motor continues to run but the game is deflating, check for blockage of the air intake on the side of the motor. If blocked, turn off blower and remove whatever debris is restricting the flow of air. Also, check air tubes on the back of the inflatable to ensure that the straps are securely fastened to prevent the escape of air. Refasten the straps if necessary. 
 In case problems continue, call our office IMMEDIATELY (904) 742-1908 or (904) 425-5004
 The renter is in charge of the rental property and is fully responsible for the safe operation after receiving the units as well as the return of the units in working order. Go Inflatables employees are not liable for any injury or property lost. In case there is damage, do not try to repair or replace the unit. The renter is responsible for securing the unit and all components to prevent theft. In the event that the units or any of their components are stolen or destroyed, the renter agrees to be fully responsible for the replacement cost of the units and/or components. 
 The renter agrees that “items” in this contract refers to anything that belongs to Go Inflatables, Words to Works, or the North Main Street Baptist Church, but is in our possession by contractual agreement. 
 If the items are returned damaged or not clean, the renter agrees to pay for all the damages and/or cleaning charges. 
 If the renter inquires about or express a desire to keep the items longer than contractually agreed upon, then the renter agrees to have his/her credit card charged for extra rental charges or pay for the extra charges immediately with cash or money order. 
 The renter agrees to use the equipment responsibly in the manner it was intended and manufactured for. The renter agrees to follow the instructions for use that are outlined in this packet and on the items themselves. 
 The renter agrees not to loan or sublet the items without the express written consent of Go Inflatables owner Nick Phoenix. 
 The renter gives Go Inflatables full right, and acknowledge Go Inflatables’ right, to take possession of the items at anytime or place and at any cost to the renter in the event of a breach of any of the terms of this contract or the “Safety Packet”. 
 The renter agrees to pay any and all costs and fees that may have to be expended in order to collect the items, or to collect for damages and cleanings fees, or to collect for the theft of stolen property. 
 The renter agrees to pay for the replacement of items that are damaged beyond repair. The renter also agrees to pay for lost revenue due to the item being damaged and unavailable to rent. 
 The renter agrees to pay the cost of repairs on damaged items whether the items are repaired by Go Inflatables staff or by a company of Go Inflatables choosing. 
 The renter agrees to pay for the items and any other costs incurred in the rental with cash, money order, or credit card. The renter authorizes Go Inflatables to charge his/her credit card for the rental of the items and any other costs incurred. 
 The renter warrants and confirms that all the personal and payment information he/she has given and will give to Go Inflatables is correct. 
 It is understood that the rental customer will abide by these rules at all times. It is further understood by the rental customer that they will be fully responsible for all damages for improper usage of the inflatable and accompanying equipment. 
 Any damage will result in either the repair of the unit by a professional inflatable repair company and/or replacement. All costs relating to the repairs or full replacement of the inflatable will be the sole responsibility of the customer, including all applicable taxes and shipping. 
 The following fees are estimates that may be assessed for negligence or abuse of Inflatables: 
 Bouncers and Moon Walks: $75-$500 for cleaning fees. 
 Spilled food, drink, or the use of Silly String could result in a $100-$500 Cleaning and Repair Fee. Negligence and Damage to unit could result in a $200-$1000 Repair Fee. If unit is not repairable a fee of $2000-$12,000 could result. 
 In addition, if you discover that you have inadvertently damaged the game or created a tear that is causing the deflation of the game DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE GAME. Call the office immediately. If you attempt to repair a unit on your own, it will usually cost more to have the unit repaired professionally. We appreciate your assistance in this and hope these instructions can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. 
 In order for Go Inflatables to provide you, the customer, a great experience, we want to inform you of a few details that are specific to our water games. 
 You are responsible to make sure you have enough water hoses, water pressure, and correct ends on the hoses. You must have from your house out to the game. 
 Go Inflatables cannot know or be responsible for the water pressure or the distance from your water supply to the game. 
 Each game comes with a water hose on the game with a female end which will connect to your hose. You will need to supply at least one (1) additional hose for our standard water slides and at least a water splitter and two (2) additional hoses for giant slides. Consult the website for specifics or call your sales associate at (904) 742-1908 or (904) 425-5004. 
 Cancellation Refund Policy 
 Go Inflatables does not offer refunds for cancellations for any reasons. After the rental has been paid for, it is removed from our inventory and your rental cannot be cancelled. If you choose to cancel your event, no refund, either cash or credit, will be given. 
 If there is a 70% chance of rain according to firstcoastnews.com and the weather channel, Go Inflatables staff will contact you and offer you the option to reschedule your event. However, there will be no refund. 
 Customer Pick-Up Directions 
 In that event that the rental is a customer pick up (CPU), the following policies must be followed. 
 Location: All CPUs need to be picked up from the Go Inflatables Warehouse on the corner of 61St and Main St on the north side of Jacksonville. The rentals must be dropped off the car port at the North Main Street Baptist Church (on the corner of 63rd and Main St). 
 Time: All CPUs need to be picked up by 6:00pm on the Friday before the rental, unless another time has been agreed upon at the time the order was taken. The CPUs must be returned between 1:00pm and 6:00pm Sunday after the rental. Failure to pick up the rental before 6:00pm on Friday or failure to drop off the rental by 6:00pm Sunday will result in a fee. Late fee of $25.00 and if not my Sunday at 6pm you will be charged a day rental fee. Calling or leaving a message will not release you from fees. 
 Transportation: The renter is responsible for providing a pick up truck to carry the rental. Go Inflatables will not load the rental in any vehicle that is deemed inappropriate. You also need to bring enough people to help load and unload the rental. You will also need to plan a few extra minutes after dropping off the unit to insure it is free of damage and it is checked in by staff. 
 Setting Up Your MOONWALK 
 1) Unroll moonwalk in the direction you wish it to face. 
 2) Attach the blower to the air hose on the back of moonwalk. 
 3) Close the zippers and flaps and tie off exhaust tube if needed. 
 4) Attach the extension cord that came with the rental to the blower and plug it into an acceptable outlet (see the section on power). 
 5) Some motors will immediately start up while others require a switch to be flipped (see underside, or side of motor). 
 6) It should take about fifteen (15) minutes to inflate. Make sure the air hose to the motor is not twisted. 
 7) Stake the unit using the supplied stakes or tie the supplied sand bags to the unit to prevent movement of the unit as kids jump. Stakes should be hammered in at a 45 degree angle. 
 Taking Down Your MOONWALK 
 1) Make sure the unit is empty of toys, clothes, etc. 
 2) Make sure the area around Moonwalk is clear before deflating. 
 3) Take stakes out of the ground and put them where they won’t be forgotten or lost (on top of blower, etc.) 
 4) Turn the blower off and push the back of the unit so it falls forward (this allows air to escape faster). Disconnect the air hose from the blower. 
 5) When the unit is flat, fold the top back so that all the vinyl is on top of the bouncing surface (the bottom square). 
 6) Fold the steps back (if applicable), and fold the sides in about 2 feet. Then fold the game in half. 
 7) Begin to roll the game from the front towards the back as tightly as possible. 
 8) When rolled to the end, run the buckle of tying strap underneath the game. Roll the game back just a little, and pull the buckle through from the other side. Tuck the air hoses and any extra material into the game. Finish rolling unit and thread the strap through the buckle and cinch tightly. 
 9) Upon arrival at the Go Inflatables warehouse, Call 904-718-6669 and inform Patrick that the rental needs to be dropped off. If you cannot reach Patrick, drop the games off at the North Main Street Baptist Church at the corner of 63rd and Main. Place the rental under the car port. 
 Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement 
 In consideration of the foregoing lease, renter acknowledges and agrees for himself, herself, itself, and any personal representatives, heirs, and next of kin, that he, she, or it assumes full responsibility for the safe use and operation of the property leased herein during the entire time that the property is under lessee’s care, custody, or control. Renter warrants and represents that he, she, or it will, at all times, supervise the safe use and operation of the property leased herein/Renter further agrees that he/she/it is responsible for the full value of the property leased herein the event the property is lost, stolen, or damaged while in lessee’s care, custody, or control. Go Inflatables makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, about the safety of any of the property leased. 
 In further consideration of the rental: renter hereby releases waives, and discharges Go Inflatables including its agents, servants, employees, officers, directors, and shareholders from and against all claims for damages suffered by any person or entity connected with the use or operation of any of the property leased herein. This release is intended to include, but is not limited to, liability due to Go Inflatables negligence, regardless of whether such negligence is active or passive. This release is intended to discharge Go Inflatables from all liability for any injury to any and all person(s) and any and all property connected with the lease of the property specified herein. This includes, but is not limited to, property damage, loss of the use of property, physical injury, death, enjoyment of life, loss of profits, injury to goodwill, injury to reputation, and all other forms of consequential injury and damage, regardless of how such injury or damage is called or characterized. Renter waives all rights to sue Go Inflatables for any injury a child/adult may suffer due to negligence or any other cause. 
 Renter shall be in full charge of the safe use and operation of the property leased herein and promises and agrees to indemnity and hold Go Inflatables, including its agents, servants, employees, directors, and shareholders, harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, expenses, and liabilities arising, or which may arise from the use and operation of the property leased herein. Renter further expressly agrees that the foregoing release, waiver, and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by law and that if any portion of this agreement is determined to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, then the remainder of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect. This agreement represents the entire agreement of the parties concerning the subject matters above. There are no others. Renter understands and agrees that no oral representations or statements have been made by Go Inflatables to representations set forth herein. 
 I hereby acknowledge, as witnessed by my signature, that I have read and comprehend each of the above sections and accompanying rules cited in this agreement. I further acknowledge by my signature or electronic signature that I understand each of these rules and agree to abide by them completely and am under contract to pay. 
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